Dr. Amy Ellison

interests: My research included a range of studies of fish behavior, population genetics, immunogenetics, epigenetics and parasite screening. My first postdoctoral position was at Cornell University (Zamudio Lab) as a NSF research associate, using comparative functional genomics to investigate mechanisms of resistance to chytridiomycosis in amphibians. I joined Cardiff in June 2015 as a SÍr Cymru Postdoctoral Fellow to study the impacts of intensive aquaculture on farmed fish disease resistance.

Dr. Isa-Rita Russo

interests: My current research focuses on the use of genomic technologies in livestock resilience to climate change in order to understand livestock adaptation to climatic extremes. I have joined Cardiff University in 2010 as a South African National Research Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow and have since been involved in a number of projects including disciplines such as landscape genetics, molecular systematics and environmental/community genomics.

PhD students

Jody Edmunds (KESS II)

interests: UK agriculture interests me both personally and professionally. My main focus is the enhancement and preservation of livestock production through the medium of genetics, whilst maintaining high animal health and welfare status and promoting farmer livelihoods. I am currently working on the genetic analysis of maternal traits in Welsh sheep using genome-wide association studies to understand, preserve and improve native maternal breeds.

Jordan Cuff (BBSRC SWbio DTP)

interests: My current work involves molecular analysis of spider diet, allowing me to explore my interests in trophic ecology and arachnology. Previously, my work has largely involved invertebrate community ecology

Christina Paddock (NERC iCASE)

interests: I am a PhD Student researching the population genomics and viability of the endangered Sanje mangabey (Cercocebus sanjei) in the Udzungwa Mountains, Tanzania

Iain Perry

interests: I am currently studying for my PhD on the altitudinal adaptations of earthworms in temperate and tropical environments. I also run the school of bioscience 3D printing facility

Sergio Guerrero (Danau Girang Field Center & CONACYT)

interests: My expertice and passion is on animal health and diseases ecology. Wondering how to apply ecological tools in the research of wild populations health and diseases transmission dynamics is the driver that has taken me into different aspects of the Ecology, such as genetics, telemetry and populationís assessment in addition with veterinarian skills

Juan Manuel Aguilar (CONCyTEC & The Rufford Foundation)

interests: I am a Peruvian Geneticist with a MSc in Conservation Biology. My main interest are the fusion of molecular tools with non invasive samples in order to understand the genetic structure of different species populations and to develop conservation plans accordingly.

Daniel Pitt (BBSRC SWbio DTP)

interests: My current interests and focus revolves around using genetic resources to identify signatures of selection, particularly in domesticated species and how this can be applied to improve flock health and future food security

Ewan Stenhouse (NERC GW4+ DTP)

interests:I am currently studying if food avaibility and choice are limiting factors in declining UK Hawfinch (Coccothraustes coccothraustes) populations in order to put forward an improved management plan for the species.

Visiting PhD students

Sen Nathan (Sabah Wildlife Department)

interests: I am a Wildlife Veterinarian / Wildlife manager working with the Sabah Wildlife Department . My life long interest is in the management of in/ex-situ conservation of endangered species in Borneo . Presenly pursuing my Phd in Conservation Genetics and management of the proboscis monkey in Sabah.

Master Students

Alessandra Bresnan

interests: I am interested in investigating the effects of fragmentation on tree shrews from the Lower Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary by employing methods of population genetics. Previous experience includes applying genetics to verify scat origin for a dietary analysis of leopards (Panthera pardus) in South Africa.

Bailey Jones

interests: My masters research involves looking into the conservation genetics of the endangered Darwin's Frog (Rhinoderma Darwinii & R.rufum) using a combination of nuclear and mitochondrial markers to infer population structure, demography and evolutionary history. I hope that any information gained from my research can be used to direct conservation management strategies for the species in the future.

Sophie Bray

interests: My main interests revolve around the conservation of threatened species and understanding the processes which impact on this, human and biological. I have a passion for trying to spread knowledge to those who are less knowledgeable about global diversity loss in order to influence small changes that can make a large difference. Previously I have studied animal behaviour, aquatic and terrestrial conservation and parasites. My current research is focused on the maternal ability of sheep in the UK using genetic analysis to determine how it has previously and can in the future effect sheep output.